Abzahlungskredit m FIN (AE) installment credit, (BE) instalment credit
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m <Finanz> installment credit (AE) , instalment credit (BE)
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instalment (hire-purchase, Br., deferred payment, US) credit, instalment loan;
Abzahlungskredite (Bilanz) (hire-purchase, Br., deferred payment, US) borrowings;
Abzahlungskredit für Einzelhändler retail instalment business;
Abzahlungskredit für Produktivgüter productive instalment credit;
Abzahlungskredit aufnehmen to borrow through hire purchase (Br.) (on the deferred payment system, US);
Abzahlungskreditgeschäft instalment sale (business), hire purchase (Br.), tally trade (Br.), deferred payment sale (US);
Abzahlungskreditsätze consumer loan rates.

Business german-english dictionary. 2013.

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